SILVERbac is tested by certified microbiology labs using the latest and most reliable test methods.

Testing to Ensure Efficacy
The most effective antimicrobial deserves the best testing. Since fabric performance is normally tested in standard textile labs, they are not designed or equipped to properly test biological activity. For this reason, we have chosen to only work with certified microbiology labs to provide medical grade testing for all products featuring SILVERbac technology.
  • WPH uses ASTM 45351 as the test method
  • This method provides the most accurate and highest quality results available
  • ASTM 45351 provides a clearly defined test protocol that improves the accuracy and eliminates variables found in AATCC100 that can result in inconsistent results from lab to lab.
Over 99% Effective (after 100 washes)
*SILVERbac anti-bacterial effect shown in a number of finished goods. Dosage of antimicrobial agent used is critical for end-use efficiency.