We are dedicated to providing professional services to a network of distributors, including training, assessments, marketing services, and partnership programs


WestPoint Hospitality is dedicated to providing professional services to a network of distributors, including training, assessments, marketing services, and partnership programs



WestPoint Hospitality is a textile manufacturer that provides professional services to a network of distributors, including training, assessments, marketing services, and partnership programs. Do you want to partner with an industry-leading manufacturer that can help you do more with your business? Then you’re in the right place! Our team of experts focus on helping distributors like you find efficient and cost-effective ways to grow your business. Our primary goals are helping you expand product knowledge for you and your team, build relationships within the industry, and get that extra edge on your competition. 
We’re more than just another provider of hospitality textile products– we’re your one-stop shop for growing your business. Our line card includes industry-leading manufacturing facilities, global recognized brands and leading market innovations covering everything from money saving DryFast® Sheets and recycled fiber fill to organic bedbug remediation textiles. We invest in the resources, programs, and people that help you find and close more deals. We are dedicated to enabling, training, and supporting you every step of the way. We believe successful relationships are built on trust. And to us, that’s way more than just meeting your expectations.

In our world, there are no small orders. Every product, every solution and every package is handled equally with the utmost concern. Carelessness is not an option. Our logistics model is based on getting you what you need, when you need it.

Below are a few more of the important value-adds we bring to every relationship:


Distributors across the industry leverage us to help drive costs to win more business.  Whether you want to grow your sales funnel, increase product knowledge for your team, or find partnerships that create new opportunities, we are dedicated to filling a need in the industry by offering the right tools to help you do it. Because you want a partner who can help you beat the competition, close more deals and discover greater profitability, without adding costly resources to your overhead! At WestPoint Hospitality, we do that every single day by investing in the right resources and people to help you create profitable growth.

From new technologies and manufacturing techniques to new opportunities in vertical markets, growing your business in today’s competitive marketplace can be tricky to navigate. You worry about over-extending yourself, but how do you multiply your sales capabilities without increasing your infrastructure? WestPoint Hospitality is the leverage you need to grow confidently. You make the sales – we’ll provide everything else, from private label programs, product education to delivery. Whether you have a full marketing team in place and need to leverage us for side projects, or you are wearing multiple hats and need someone to help you focus on marketing, we can help maximize your capabilities.


WestPoint Hospitality maintains a flexible comprehensive training schedule that offers in-depth, hands-on training via custom webinars and/or on site training for a wide range of products and services. We take a personal approach to creating training opportunities and strive to make them easily accessible across the country. 

Our Education Series & Training Programs are customized and scalable. Regardless if you just need a refresher to see new products or are new to the industry and need an in-depth product review, we can meet your needs.

The WestPoint Hospitality Education Series & Training Program provides:
  • Knowledgeable instructors that guide you through products and innovations
  • On-site and/or virtual training with general and product specific webinars
  • Access to our Resource Center
  • Marketing tools to share with your sales reps and customers

We also offer private webinars for you and your sales team:
  • Live Free Bedbug Barrier System - Information about our organic bedbug barrier system and how to protect hotel guests.  
  • Inline Product Review - General overview of basic products and new additions

  • DryFast® Technology - In-depth education about our DryFast® innovative technology and how your property can achieve maximum ROI.

  • Custom Webinars- Request specific topics for your team to review.  Choose who you want to attend your private webinar.

To request a webinar session for any of the above, please contact [email protected].


As a distributor, your focus is to grow a successful business. Our job is to help you MAXIMIZE those efforts. Our team isn’t just here to help determine which white sheet you need – we’re also subject matter experts in areas that don’t always make the top of your priority list, like Marketing and Strategic Planning.  One of the many advantages to partnering with us is that we will make the time to do these things for you and we’ll extend your team without adding costly resources.

It’s a bold statement, but its simple math, just compare the value of time spent making sales versus doing anything else. When you ask for training and education - we’ll make you smarter and increase your long-term potential. When you need feet on the ground -we’ll go, building your reputation in the market along the way. And when you need an extra set of hands - we’ll extend your capabilities however far it takes to make you more profitable. All of these aspects are executed through two avenues:
Strategic Marketing

WestPoint Hospitality’s Marketing Team can help you cultivate a marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals to accelerate growth, enhance awareness and communicate your mission and vision to your team and your audience. A
successful marketing campaign requires a true understanding of your target audience, your strengths and weaknesses, along with a defined Strategic Communication Plan. But how do you get there? Send an e-mail blast and hope they call? Not quite. We will help develop strategic messaging to utilize in your outbound marketing communications to help drive
business. When we have news to share regarding new products, innovations, or tradeshow opportunities we join forces and push customized email marketing to your customer base. We can even help determine the best avenues for getting your message out (ie: marketing campaigns, social media, your website, and more).
Strategic Planning

We know your priority is growing your bottom line and it’s hard to accomplish anything without a plan. A strategic plan
looks at all the things your business could do and sets measurable goals for attaining growth. By understanding where your business currently is, what you have to work with, and where you want to be, we can develop a tactical plan on how to get you there. By partnering with WestPoint Hospitality we become an extension of your own business and provide a network to ensure you always have guidance and the support you need.