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Introducing SILVERbac

SILVERbac Towel Stack
SILVERbac is a pure silver technology that prevents and eliminates the growth of harmful odor causing bacteria, keeping your linens fresher longer.

Unlike other solutions, SILVERbac is not a finish or coating, and remains effective for the life of the product. 99% effective after 100 washes.

SILVERbac works across a full range of bed and bath linen for the hospitality and medical markets.
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Eliminates Bacteria
Lab Tested
Lasting Freshness
Silver eliminates harmful bacteria
Lasts the lifetime of the product
Tested in an internationally certified microbiology laboratory
​​ Keeps linens fresh longer 
Performance/chemical testing

Continuous Protection

Because SILVERbac is encapsulated within the base polymer of products it will continue to be effective for the useful life of the products.

It won’t be washed away during laundering under high temperature and extreme chemical exposure, and there is no compromise to the natural aesthetic, feel, or performance of the product.
How It Works

Environmentally Friendly​

​​SILVERbac products can be washed at lower temperatures, saving energy and protecting the environment. The technology also doesn't leach during wash or wear.

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Lower Temperatures
Reduce Energy Costs
SILVERbac fabrics may be washed at significantly lower temperatures to gain a level of cleanliness normally achieved in high-temperature wash cycles.
Provides huge opportunities in both healthcare and hospitality to significantly reduce energy costs. Just a 10-degree reduction in wash water temperature can provide a 25% reduction in energy costs associated with each wash cycle!
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Over 99% Effective*

All tests have been  conducted in independent labs certified by the International Antimicrobial Council. Test results show that SILVERbac is effective in killing pathogens such as E.coli and MRSA, thereby reducing bacteria on the surface of our products.

SILVERbac remains effective for the life of the product. 99% effective after 100 washes.
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