Redefining Hospitality

Who We Are

WestPoint Hospitality is a division of WestPoint Home, a premier U.S. textile manufacturing company for over 200 years.
Product innovation is integral to how we think and it is the binding force that has driven us to excel for over two centuries.

WestPoint Hospitality offers a complete line of commercial bed and bath products to provides your guests with a superior experience during their stay at your property.

Our Vision:​

Our Mission:

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WestPoint Hospitality seeks to satisfy both new and lifelong customers, provide quality products at fair prices, offer solutions to everyday needs, and represent the integrity and passion of our team.   


  1. Jud Lusk
    Jud Lusk
    Sr. Vice President, Sales/Team Leader
  2. Keith Lang
    Keith Lang
    Vice President, National Sales Manager
  3. George Divis
    George Divis
    National Account Manager
  4. Terry Ellis
    Terry Ellis
    Vice President of Business Development
  5. Greg Fuller
    Greg Fuller
    National Account Manager
  6. David Hannon
    David Hannon
    Account Manager
  7. Lisa Dillman
    Lisa Dillman
    Inside Sales Representative
  8. Ivy Moilanen
    Ivy Moilanen
    National Account Manager
  9. Cynthia Rouzer
    Cynthia Rouzer
    National Account Manager