WestPoint Home's effective sustainability efforts build community, improve our shared environment, and enhance business goals both socially and economically.
These efforts are consistent throughout both retail and hospitality divisions of WestPoint Home.

Protecting Earth, Together

      ​WestPoint Home recognizes that part of our corporate responsibility is to be good stewards of the natural resources we consume, to be protective of the environment at all points throughout our supply chain, and to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. We believe that this responsibility extends to all associates who work for WestPoint Home.   

Our Commitment to Sustainability


  • Establish and maintain programs to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations​​

  • Identify and control potential public health/environmental hazards that may develop from operations and products

  •  Work constructively to protect public health and the environment

Natural Resources


  • Conserve nonrenewable resources through efficient use and planning

  • Track water and energy use, and establish goals for reduction

  • Develop/Implement technologies for waste management strategies
  • Establish policies and procedures to monitor social compliance performance of all suppliers and transporters through our supply chain​​

  • Support programs to improve the lives of our associates and the communites we operate in 

Sustainable Products

WestPoint Home has developed an array of new products that will enable the customer to be more sustainable.



  1. Martex Green
    Martex Green
  2. Pillows
    DryFast Sheets
  3. EcoPure
  1. Under the Canopy
    Under the Canopy
  2. Modern Living
    Modern Living
  3. EcoPure

Our Partnerships