Quality of Life

WestPoint Home has received commendations from its customers for the quality of the living quarters provided to its associates who live in the Company housing at its Bahrain facility.    

Helping the Community:

WestPoint Home consistently looks for opportunities to help support our community through donation of time, money, and products.

Responsible Purchasing Guidelines

WestPoint Home has established a Vendor Compliance Program that is used to screen all potential suppliers.  WestPoint Home uses UL Responsible Sourcing to manage social and security audits at all vendor locations.  Social compliance addresses several issues, including the following:
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Worker Safety
  • Human Rights
  • Customs–Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) compliance
WestPoint Home requires every vendor to meet the requirements of its vendor compliance program. As discussed earlier, this policy examines the vendor’s labor practices, social compliance, manufacturing capability, security, and safety policies. Companies that do not meet those requirements are not placed on the approved vendor list.