About Intelliweave™
The Intelliweave™ process begins long before the actual weaving of our towels.  First we must engineer the proper long staple synthetic fibers.  We orient the molecular structure of these fibers so they have minimal structural stress and therefore are significantly stronger and more stable than natural fibers.  These long staple manufactured fibers are then intimately blended with natural cotton fibers into a yarn that offers the superior qualities from both the synthetic and natural fibers within it.  This yarn is then taken and woven into the underweave of the towel.  By putting this engineered yarn into the underweave of the towel we are able to achieve significant improvements in dimensional stability, durability and strength.  In addition to these structural enhancements, the Intelliweave™ process decreases tumble dry time by 25% versus a comparable cotton towel.  These advantages significantly reduce operational costs when you consider that an Intelliweave™ Towel can be in use for longer periods of time and requires less labor and energy to launder.
Intelliweave™ Products
Martex® Sovereign
Martex® Cams
Martex® Cabana Collection
Pool Towel
Martex® Classic White Dobby Pool Towel
Martex® Blue Center Stripe Pool Towel
Martex® Jade Pool Towel
Martex® Morning Glory Stripe Pool Towel